Flight attendant advises never to use one part of your seat on an airplane

A flight attendant advised never to use one part of her seat on an airplane

A flight attendant advised passengers never to use the front seat pocket to store gadgets, books and snacks. In a post on Reddit, she listed the disgusting items she had to get out of there and noted that the pocket was rarely cleaned.

There was a thread on the Reddit forum titled “Reddit Flight Attendants, What Unsettling Secrets Should Passengers Know?” , and in it experienced flight attendants share tips with tourists. One of them recommended that you resist the temptation to empty your pockets immediately upon landing by putting your personal items in the compartment on the front of the seat.

“I recommend that you never, ever use or put anything in the seat pocket. They are cleared of debris, but never “cleaned”. I pulled it out and saw how everything was pulled out of there. Dirty wipes, hospital bags, panties, socks, chewing gum, chewed candy, apple cores, and then on the next flight you go and put your phone, laptop or iPad in there, ”the flight attendant wrote.

The flight attendant’s statements were also supported another anonymous crew member who shared stories of the worst things he found in seat pockets. “One day I found vomit that spilled out of a paper bag into the seat pocket. It was just disgusting, but what can you do? he shared.

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