Flight attendant reveals secret boarding pass code used to rate passengers

A flight attendant reveals a secret boarding pass code used to rate passengers

Flight attendants use a secret code to rate travelers who might “use” in case of an emergency. As noted by The Sun, they are “encoded” with the abbreviation ABP (from the English. Able-Bodied Passenger, i.e. able-bodied passenger).

According to travel blogger Carrie Bradley, with whom the publication spoke, “when passengers get on board, they are assessed by staff and checked to see if they are ABP.” “At the entrance, greeting passengers and checking their boarding pass, I very quickly assessed whether they were healthy, adequate, could understand me and looked healthy,” she explained.

But the procedure does not end there . The crew continues to evaluate passengers throughout the flight for the unlikely event that an unforeseen situation may arise. “During the flight, it is easier to continue the assessment through the service chats. It may turn out that the tourist is a firefighter, military, former pilot, flight attendant or doctor. And all this is useful information for us,” she added.

At the same time, the expert noted that nothing prevents passengers from taking the initiative and volunteering to help others. “Once, when I was a passenger, we had a problem with the engine, and I immediately informed the crew that I could be the ABP,” the specialist summed up.

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