Flight attendant reveals two things that make passenger hate them

The stewardess revealed two things that make the passenger hate them

Two things that make tourists on the plane cross in the category hated by flight attendants – stretching legs in the aisle and aimless walks around the cabin. Details of former flight attendant Madeline Forsythe gave The Sun. talked about two things that passengers do on planes that really annoy them, because. significantly complicate the performance of direct duties.

Since flight attendants have to deal with a plane full of people, sometimes they have a hard time. Moreover, there are things that greatly complicate the life of flight personnel. Moreover, almost all of them are created by the efforts of passengers.

First, flight attendants hate it when passengers are pulled into the aisle. Taller people often book aisle seats for this very purpose, and there is not enough legroom in economy class. “I understand… the flights are long and there is little legroom. It may be tempting to put your foot or hand in the aisle, but this can be incredibly dangerous and painful for the hiker. Not only can crew members and other passengers trip over you, but it's also difficult for flight attendants to look over food and drink carts, so you risk getting hit by one of those heavy carts,” the airline employee warned.

Her advice to all passengers who need to warm up is to get up and walk down the aisle of the plane, but you need to do this without disturbing anyone.

Secondly, she said that passengers who are constantly in the galley provide no assistance to the flight crew. The galley is the largest open space available on an aircraft. Passengers who flock there, however, risk disturbing their flight attendants, who store most of their essentials in galley cabinets and drawers.

“Standing up and stretching is fine, especially on long flights, but if you hanging around the galley for a long time, this will complicate the work of the stewardesses, ”she concluded.

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