Flights to another popular Southeast Asian country start from Russia

Flights to another popular Southeast Asian country will start from Russia

Another popular Southeast Asian country will become available to Russian tourists, although so far in a limited mode. In Russia, flights to Vietnam, more precisely to Hanoi, from Irkutsk will start. Flights have been announced by IrAero since June. Their prospects, according to the tourism industry, are also quite local.

The details, according to ATOR, are as follows: from June 4, the air carrier announced the launch of flights on the route Irkutsk – Hanoi (Vietnam) – Irkutsk on Superjet-100 aircraft. Flights will be operated once a week on Sundays. Departure from Irkutsk is scheduled at 19:00 local time, arrival in Vietnam at 23:00. Travel time is five hours. Return flight in 1.5 hours, arrival in Irkutsk in the morning of the next day at 07:40. In the future, the carrier expects to increase the frequency of flights. At the same time, “sales channels for air tickets for Vietnamese flights are still being worked out,” IrAero added

“For the successful resumption of air traffic, we have to resolve the issue of selling air tickets in Vietnam, and the structures responsible for the development of tourism have to update the tourism product. You can also pay for air tickets for connecting flights of Vietnamese carriers from Hanoi with cards of domestic banks – through a reservation service popular with Russians, ”ATOR quotes the words of IrAero CEO Yuri Lapin.

At the same time, for the first flights in June flights from Irkutsk to Hanoi and back will cost from 56 thousand rubles. in both directions or from 27 thousand rubles. one way. At the same time, while the sale is carried out only for the first two weeks, the carrier explains this as a technical necessity.

As ATOR experts added, in fact, the launch of flights from Irkutsk to Hanoi will be “a continuation of IrAero's strategy to develop Irkutsk as a hub for flights to Asia.” As a tourist route, the flight will probably be of interest to tourists from Siberia, since from Hanoi it is easy to get to the resorts popular with our tourists – first of all, the island of Phu Quoc and Nha Trang; but in general, tourists are unlikely to be the main audience for these trips – most likely the flight will be used for business and shopping purposes, perhaps it will be considered by “long-term” tourists.

Tour operators at least do not consider that this flight will interest tourists not from Siberia. “From Moscow, it is more convenient for tourists to fly to the resort of Nha Trang via Tashkent or Kazakhstan, where the Vietnamese low-cost airline VietJetAir flies. Convenient logistics, reasonable prices. Those who want premium service fly to Vietnam via Dubai on Emirates flights,” experts of the travel market estimated. The route Moscow – Irkutsk – Hanoi – Nha Trang looks “super tiring,” they added.

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