Flights to Egypt of another Russian airline are called into question

Flights to Egypt by another Russian airline are called into question

The problem with Jordan called into question the flights to Egypt of another Russian airline. This time iFly had problems. But some details have become known: apparently, this is the expected “echo” of air sanctions. Thus, ATOR experts noted that the Jordanian aviation authorities require London insurance from Russian carriers for some reason – Moscow insurance allegedly does not suit them. Recall that this is the second airline – and the second tour operator – forced to solve this problem.

According to ATOR, the carrier received a request from the Jordanian aviation authorities to provide an insurance certificate issued in London and classified A ++ in order to be able to use the airspace of this country. The problem is that on the route to Egypt, Jordanian airspace is critical. Especially for those air carriers that did not go through “debermudization” and did not return the aircraft to the Russian register. According to ATOR, the carriers that managed to pull off this “manoeuvre”, and these are Aeroflot and AZUR Air, successfully fly to Egypt through Turkish airspace. But for the rest, Jordan turns out to be a natural “stumbling block”: the airspace of neighboring Syria is closed for flights, flights over Iraq are also a dubious “pleasure”, and Saudi Arabia, according to the source, is in solidarity with the Jordanian aviation authorities and is reluctant to contact Russian air carriers. Flights through European airspace are also closed.

Recall that earlier Pegasus had to solve the same problem – and the decision was not easy. Pegasus decided to transfer tourists to the Turkish carrier Southwind Airlines and fly to the resorts of Egypt with an intermediate stop in Antalya for refueling. The reason for the change is the closure of Jordanian airspace for Nordwind. “The change was due to Jordan's ban on Nordwind aircraft flying over their country,” the tour operator also explains. Read the details at this link.

And the second airline found itself in the same situation. According to ATOR, Ifly is negotiating with the aviation authorities of Jordan to remove these restrictions. And at the same time, it is looking for an alternative route to operate flights to Egypt.

“I Fly” is insured by a Russian insurance company that covers all risks, including the risks of civil liability to third parties. Until recently, such a certificate met the requirements of the Jordanian aviation authorities for flying in the country's airspace,” explained ATOR in iFly.

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