Flights to the mysterious country of Southeast Asia start from Russia

Flights to the mysterious country of Southeast Asia begin from Russia

Flights to the mysterious country of Southeast Asia – Myanmar, formerly Burma – will soon begin from Russia. We are talking about an agreement in principle reached by the local carrier Myanmar Airways to open flights to the city of Mandalay from six Russian cities in December. And, interestingly, Moscow is not among them – flights are scheduled from Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Chita and Ulan-Ude.

As ATOR experts added, the federal tour operator confirmed its intention to open flights to Myanmar from 6 cities of Siberia in December. However, most likely the goal of the “packages” will not be the exotic Myanmar itself, which, according to experts, is still a niche excursion product for everyone. The country can become an additional hub for those wishing to travel to more famous countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. However, tentatively, there will be both blocks of seats and free tickets on flights.

Travel market experts assure that it is more profitable for a tourist than tours to Vietnam or Malaysia at the docks. Details will follow when the airline receives slots at Russian airports – however, it has already been promised that logistics will be cheaper, the announced ticket prices are from 45 thousand rubles, and round-trip.

The announced price for tours to Myanmar itself is from 130 thousand rubles. for a week of rest for two. However, in general, experts agree that the “mysterious country” is more of a destination for tourist gourmets and connoisseurs, local beaches are more likely not to be visited by Russian tourists in terms of the level of service, although “the ocean is the same”. Among the announced bonuses to more familiar resorts is a cheap flight Mandalay – Cam Ranh, i.e. the all-familiar Vietnamese resort of Nha Trang.

Our reference: as for Myanmar (Burma) itself, it is long on tourist maps time was a white spot because of the history of the country. Since its liberation from British colonial dependence – back in 1948 – the country has experienced a period of civil wars and, as they would say now, “sanction pressure”, so that a rare tourist visited its famous temples and other attractions. In fact, the country “opened up” only at the beginning of 2000, and even then not for mass visits. At the same time, in 2021, they again tried to “close” the country from the outside, as power in Myanmar again passed from the hands of the “democratic government” to the “military junta” – at least this is how the British media comment, urging their tourists not to visit the country. So the turn to Russia is expected and logical.

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