For Russian tourists, they want to cancel visas on arrival in a popular resort country, tightening entry rules

For Russian tourists, they want to cancel visas on arrival in a popular resort country, tightening entry rules

Russian “relocants” trying to make a living on the island paradise seem to have pissed off the Bali authorities. The local governor officially announced that they plan to cancel visas on arrival for Russian tourists, tightening entry rules. The reason is the “relocants” that constantly violate the law. This was reported by The Jakarta Post.

According to the publication, the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster proposed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to terminate the visa on arrival for tourists from Russia, as well as Ukraine. So he “responded to reports of bad behavior and possible criminal acts.” “I wrote a letter to the ministries with a request to abolish visa exemptions for Russians and Ukrainians,” Mr. Koster said literally. He noted that Russians “abuse” their tourist visas to find work in a popular global tourist destination.

Recall that only on Sunday, the Bali authorities ranked the Russians as “foreigners who become scammers and destroy the island.” This time the Russians were accused of using illegal vehicles. A number of foreign tourists, mostly Russians, have been caught using fake vehicle license plates. Kombes Stephanus Satake Bayu Setianto, head of public relations for the Bali police, said in Indonesian media that a special unit is pursuing those responsible for using fake license plates. Moreover, as he assures, “some use Russian numbers.” Moreover, the “caring public” became the source of the claims: the topic surfaced after many complaints about the violators and perpetrators of the accident, whose vehicles were “decorated” with fake numbers. At the same time, as the Balinese police officer added, “the most commonly reported that Russian citizens use fake license plates, including Russian numbers.” To tourists, he threatened that the police would “make sure that they become targets for operations.” Read the details at this link.

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