For tourism industry specialists, they are trying to introduce a deferment from mobilization

Travel industry professionals are trying to introduce a deferment from mobilization

The PCT will try to get reservations for some professionals in the tourism industry, for which it wants to apply to the authorities for a deferral of mobilization for workers in the tourism industry. This statement was made by Acting President of the Russian Union of the Tourism Industry Ilya Umansky, General Director of the Alean tour operator.

According to him, some of the specialists employed in the tourism industry should be granted a deferment from the call for partial mobilization. The reason is the task of retaining personnel, which is “acute”, as well as the health and safety of tourists.

“Together with companies involved in the tourism industry, we are forming a list of specialists who need to be retained. These are chefs, engineering staff, avalanche safety specialists working at ski resorts, captains and employees of cruise companies,” said Ilya Umansky. According to him, representatives of the tourist market will soon turn to Rostourism and the government. “Hopefully we'll be able to get these people out of the draft,” the expert added.

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