Fraud against hotels struck by the scale: 8 tourists deceived hotels by almost 1 billion

Fraud against hotels struck by the scale: 8 tourists deceived hotels by almost 1 billion

The fraud of tourists against hotels, which struck with its scale, was revealed by the investigating authorities of Spain. We are talking about a popular “fishery” in the UK – blackmailing hotels with “food poisoning” of tourists in order to knock out fines and compensation from hotels. The opened scheme is striking only in its scale: 8 tourists managed to deceive Spanish hotels for almost 1 billion. For this reason, the scammers even organized a legal entity to make it more convenient to deceive hotels.

According to the Spanish press, we are talking about the company Elite Project Marketing SL based in Spain. The founders of the company, sister and brother Mark Cameron and Laura Joyce, were mainly engaged in persuading Spanish tourists to file fictitious poisoning claims regarding the hotels they stayed in.

The case also includes six tourists who took part in the scam – we note that they are being held as accomplices. Three hotels were among the victims. And the total amount that the scammers lured is 9.6 million pounds sterling, or about 1 billion rubles.

According to investigators, the founders of the company, a sister and brother, convinced British tourists to file fictitious poisoning claims against the hotels in which they rested, through 6 British citizens, on which they agreed. The organized crime group specialized, according to a Mallorcan court order, in obtaining information from the British, vacationing in all-inclusive hotels in Mallorca.

“The gang persuaded the tourists to sue the hotel and forced the tourists to sign the forms they prepared and demand compensation,” the court says.

Spanish resorts are not the only ones suffering from this kind of blackmail, however. Recall that the UK, and from the point of view of Turkish hoteliers, is a place of an overdeveloped “industry” of almost legal weaning and refunding money for vacations through claims. “Tourists return to their country after their holidays. At the airports where they landed, lawyers are waiting for them with signs and brochures in their hands with a proposal to return part of the money for the vacation through the courts. An unscrupulous tourist, with the help of such a lawyer, files a lawsuit claiming that he was poisoned in a hotel. As a result, hotels lose serious money,” Turkish experts explained. How they intend to fight this business – read in the material “TURPROM” at the link.

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