Frightened tourists in Antalya report: the water in the sea continues to leave, the shores are bare, everyone is in shock

Frightened tourists in Antalya report: the water in the sea continues to recede, the shores are bare, everyone is in shock< /p>A clear illustration of how much water has gone into the sea off the coast of Antalya was shown by a Russian woman living in Turkey in a video on her blog in Yandex.Zen. Off the coast of Mahmutlar beach, the water line has seriously shifted away from the former coastline in just three days, the Russian woman notes. Tourists are frightened by how shallow the sea is, but the locals are more calm, as they have already encountered this phenomenon more than once. However, it also asks for “reader versions”, which may be related.

Recall that such phenomena are observed not only in Antalya. In the neighboring resort province of Mugla the other day the Aegean Sea receded immediately by 50 meters. The focus was on the town of Akyak between the two major resorts of the Aegean Sea – Bodrum and Marmaris. At the same time, local residents claim that such a retreat of the sea occurs for the second time in a week. And although strong low tides are characteristic of this time, people are scared – is this not a sign of an imminent earthquake?

Experts are still reassuring: Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental Sciences in Aquaculture at Mugla University Sitki Kochman (MSKÜ), Dr. Mustafa Bahadir Oonsoy, made a corresponding statement, in which he indicated that sea level fluctuations are the result of the influence of the tidal forces of the Moon and the Sun, i.e. the retreat of sea water on the coast was caused by low tide. At the same time, he separately emphasized the connection between low tide and a possible earthquake. According to him, it is indeed possible to observe a change in the water level in the seas after a natural disaster, but “according to scientific knowledge, the interpretation of the withdrawal of water and its rise as a harbinger of an earthquake would be wrong and would make people needlessly worry.” Read more here.

It should be noted that a similar phenomenon was recorded in Turkey without any connection with a natural disaster – in March 2022 in Antalya, local tourists also “lost” the Mediterranean Sea. The water receded significantly from the coast – in Manavgavt, by as much as 20 meters. Then the teacher of the same faculty of aquaculture at Akdeniz University, Professor Mehmet Gökoglu assured that the reason for this was a strong north wind in the Bosphorus, the so-called poyraz, which blew in the Turkish region for several days. He displaced the water from the territory of Turkey towards Africa. “In real life, the planet is not covered by an even layer of water. There is land that prevents water from following the moon exactly. That is why in some places the difference between high and low tide is not very great, and in other places it is significant. In Turkey, this time the decrease in water in the Mediterranean Sea occurred by 20 meters from the original figure in just a few hours. However, this natural phenomenon is temporary: the water will return to the beaches of the resort when the wind changes,” the expert assured. Read more at this link.

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