From only 3,000 rubles: the Russian airline announced a holiday sale of air tickets to 40 destinations

Only from 3'000 rubles: the Russian airline announced a holiday sale of air tickets to 40 destinations

The sale of air tickets with prices from 3-3.5 thousand rubles was announced by the Russian airline Red Wings. At the same time, the carrier's foreign destinations are included in the festive spring sale. In total, 40 directions participate in it.

The conditions, according to the official website of the carrier, are as follows. The sale will last from March 7 to March 10, flights from March 7 to April 27, 2023 are included in the promotion. Both flights within Russia (mainly between regions) and foreign destinations participate in the promotion.

The starting price of 3-3.5 thousand rubles is offered for the following routes:

  • Samara — Tyumen from 3 thousand rubles
  • Samara — Nizhny Novgorod from 3 thousand rubles
  • Ekaterinburg — Samara from 3.5 thousand rubles
  • Ekaterinburg — Tomsk from 3.5 thousand rubles
  • Ekaterinburg — Kemerovo from 3.5 thousand rubles
  • Yekaterinburg — Barnaul from 3.5 thousand rubles

As for popular foreign routes, the carrier offers, for example, the following flights to Turkey and prices:

To Istanbul

  • From Perm, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk for 11.9 thousand rubles
  • From Moscow Zhukovsky airport – for 9 thousand rubles

To Izmir and Antalya

  • From Moscow airport Zhukovsky to Antalya – for 9 thousand .rub
  • From Moscow to Izmir for 14.9 thousand rubles
  • From Nizhny Novgorod and Chelyabinsk to Antalya – for 11.9 thousand rubles

< p>There are also flights to Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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