From the wild heat of + 36 ° C in the popular resort, horses carrying tourists began to die

The wild heat at +36°C in the popular resort began to die horses carrying tourists

In the Spanish Seville, while transporting tourists in a carriage, one horse died and another fell due to the wild heat of + 36 ° C, and sometimes even higher. As a result, an investigation into animal cruelty was launched at this popular resort, Reuters reported.

Witnesses tried to help the exhausted horse and give water, but to no avail. The animal died next to a busy road. The police determined that the mare was already showing symptoms of a fever from a previous illness, which was exacerbated by dehydration. Its owner is under investigation for possible animal cruelty.

One eyewitness said: “The drivers grabbed another horse and continued to ride the tourists right in front of the police, who, despite complaints, did not take action to confiscate their license.” He added that the second horse also showed signs of dehydration, but was forced to continue working.

The carriage was probably transporting walkers at the city's annual fair, which drew about 500,000 people last year. Tourist carriages drawn by horses are often found in the city. Seville City Hall said in a statement that animal welfare will step up checks on the well-being of horses and urge owners to give animals rest and water.

Seville is in the hottest region in Spain, with temperatures currently reaching 36 degrees Celsius. Spain's state meteorological agency said it was likely to be the hottest April in the Iberian Peninsula on record. The heat is expected to reach its peak on Thursday and Friday at around 40°C.

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