General rise in prices: new official prices in Turkey became known

General rise in prices: new official prices in Turkey became known

According to official data presented by the Turkish Institute of Statistics, consumer inflation in the country in April approached 70%. At the same time, hotels and restaurants, although they do not occupy the first place in terms of the rate of price growth, are confidently included in the top five most “rising in price” industries. So Russians planning to come to Turkey should definitely take more money with them.

In general, according to official data of researchers, in April inflation in Turkey amounted to 69.97%. This is higher than in March, when it reached 61.14%.

Restaurants and hotels were among those industries where the highest growth was recorded. According to Turkish statistics, food and non-alcoholic beverages became the most expensive – 13.38% compared to last month, followed by housing – 7.43%, clothing and footwear – 6.96%, and in fourth place, with a slight lag, just restaurants and hotels – by 6.95%. They also entered the main groups with the largest annual increase – also in 4th place – at 69.26%.

Turkish tourism media also provided detailed official statistics on inflation growth in this group. According to it, prices in hotels and restaurants increased by 6.95% compared to the previous month, by 28.58% compared to December of the previous year, by 69.26% compared to the same month of the previous year. In general, inflation showed 36.74% compared to a 12-month period.

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