Georgia announced the fate of the visa-free regime with Russia

Georgia announced the fate of the visa-free regime with Russia

Georgia still does not want to “keep up” with the anti-Russian sanctions hysteria and does not intend to abandon the visa-free regime for Russian tourists or how to review it. This was stated by the head of the ruling party “Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia” Irakli Kobakhidze. He stated that “there is no need” for such a review, despite all the “statute of limitations. However, the European attempt to block visas for Russians is still up in the air.

“Georgia has a visa-free regime with Russia, which was introduced by the previous authorities in early 2012. Today there are no risks and there is no need for us to revise the visa-free regime,” Mr. Kobakhidze said. He also reassured the local media, saying that “there is no uncontrolled entry of Russians into Georgia” and the authorities of the republic are responsible for security. cancellation of the visa facilitation agreement between Russia and the European Union. Yes, this will complicate and make it more expensive for Russian tourists to enter the EU countries, but the countries, as expected, could not agree on a complete ban on the issuance of short-term visas for tourist trips. Read more about the situation in the EU here.

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