Germany is sacrificing tourism

Germany is sacrificing tourism

Germany may once again sacrifice tourism to “antique” measures – the Turkish media have so alarmedly commented on the information that from October 1, the Germans will take measures in connection with a new wave of coronavirus, which is expected in the fall. About her, in particular, said the Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. It should be noted that so far no closures and lockdowns have been mentioned among the measures, but tourism “just in case” is already afraid. And if you remember the last 2 years, then such fears are quite appropriate…

“I expect a serious new wave of covid in the autumn,” Mr. Lauterbach said, warning the population that they “should be prepared” for possible anti-covid measures in autumn and winter. First of all, they are talking about the return of the mask regime – it was decided to make it mandatory to wear masks of the FFP2 type on airplanes and long train journeys from October 1. Also, without a mask and a negative test, it will not be possible to visit medical facilities, in particular hospitals.

It is also stated that all German states will have the right to take other measures if they deem it necessary. The new measures are planned to be extended until April 7, 2023.

Note that at the same time, Lauterbach stressed that there is no talk of such measures as a new lockdown or closing borders. But in the tourist environment, the news was clearly perceived nervously.

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