Goodbye rogues: Turkey is changing the concept of tourism

Farewell, rogues: Turkey is changing the concept of tourism

“Turkey does not need new beds, but quality tourism,” – such a change in the concept of tourism was indicated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy. Turkey seems to be signing on to the global trend of reorientation from mass tourism to tourism only for the rich, and says “goodbye rogue” to “budget” visitors. Naturally, all this is done under the slogan of the need for “quality tourism”, the preservation of nature, culture, etc.

According to the Turkish press, Mr. Ersoy, speaking to journalists after visiting the ancient city of Olympos in Antalya, confirmed that Turkey's immediate plans are to receive 60 million tourists and 56 billion in revenue in 2023. At the same time, the Minister noted that the main goal will not be “new beds”, but “quality tourism”.

The Minister stressed that they have set the criteria for Turkey's sustainable tourism program for accommodation facilities, and compliance with these criteria has become mandatory, and then stated literally the following. “We do not need the number of beds, especially in Antalya. We need to qualify tourism to sustainably protect our cultural and natural heritage, which distinguishes it from our competitors, and manage it in the most accurate and safe way. The minister also announced plans to “study the capacity in the regions, analyze the quality of hotels, and then take measures to improve the quality of accommodation facilities in order to raise their standards.

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