Greece has announced the date of lifting covid restrictions for tourists

Greece has announced the date for the lifting of covid restrictions for tourists

Coronavirus is slowly but surely leaving the agenda of world tourism. Before the European Easter holidays, another simplification for European and British tourists was announced by Greece. From March 15, the country will no longer require tourists to fill out Passenger Location Forms (PLFs). Moreover, they are canceled for everyone, without any vaccine qualification.

As Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias said in confirming the change, it will “simplify the entry process for travelers.” “On the recommendation of the Expert Committee of the Ministry of Health, from March 15, 2022, the PLF filling for tourists from all countries is cancelled. The abolition of the PLF simplifies the entry process for travelers, shifting the focus to the control of vaccination certificates,” the expert said.

Accordingly, “covid” documents continue to be required for tourists – this is either a vaccination document or a certificate of a person who has been ill – no tests will be required with these documents. Or you will have to take a coronavirus test. It will also have to be given to those vaccinated more than 7 months ago. However, the tourist will be able to travel further in Greece without hindrance.

As for the Russians, Greece, like almost all of Europe, remains closed to them. In connection with the air sanctions.

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