Greece issues new ruling on infected tourists

Greece issued a new regulation on infected tourists

A new government decree, adopted by the Greek authorities this week, freed coronavirus-infected tourists from quarantine while staying in resort Greece. The corresponding decree is published on the official website of the department. It is expected that the easing of covid rules will favorably affect the country's tourism business in the Balkans.

In line with the health protocol decision, hotels will no longer have quarantine facilities. This means that travelers who become ill are not required to self-isolate during their stay in the country or determine their own self-isolation period if necessary. Covid patients will still have the opportunity to live a full life in the beach republic: use ferries, planes and other modes of transport. The only thing they should not neglect if they get sick is protective face masks of the FFP2 or KN95 type.

The authorities lifted all their COVID-related entry restrictions back in May of this year. Since then, all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, have been allowed entry without restrictions, as they were before the pandemic. The latest infection figures are as follows: according to World Health Organization statistics, Greece has recorded 113,373 new infections and 150 deaths in the past seven days. Thus, everyone is advised to follow basic health measures.

Greece has hopes for the current season, especially since the growth rate of tourism to pre-pandemic indicators in this country is significantly higher than the average data for the Eurozone. Greek Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said at a press conference that the country's tourism sector is expected to accelerate GDP growth this year.

The official also stressed that the tourist flow continues to grow in several directions at once. An increase in the number of tourists visiting Greece was also reported in the World Travel Market survey. The survey showed that 6 of the 10 European destinations that recorded the largest growth compared to the pre-2019 year are in Greece.

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