Greece resumed issuing visas to Russian tourists, increasing the number of refusals

Greece resumed issuing visas to Russian tourists, increasing the number of refusals

As the experts of the tourist market predicted, the “cancellation” of Greek visas for Russian tourists turned out to be a temporary phenomenon – the Greek consulates again resumed accepting documents for visas. However, the tourist market also issued several warnings to tourists related to the fact that the number of visa refusals has increased.

Recall that from June 27, they will no longer be able to apply for a visa to Greece. The work was suspended by the Greek consulates in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. ATOR, referring to one of the tour operators, said that the reason for the closure of the Greek consulates was supposedly an update of the computer system for issuing visas. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke rather unfavorably about Greece. Read the details here.

As a result, according to experts, the consulates have restored their work. At the same time, there was no official information about the resumption of work on the website of the consulate or the visa center, but tour operators said that the Greek consulate accepted documents from tourists. At the same time, first of all, tourists in ATOR were warned that, given the reduction in the number of consular employees, tour operators suggest an increase in the period for reviewing documents and recommend taking care of obtaining a visa in advance.

Tour operators also estimated the number of increased refusals of visas to Greece, which discussing on social media. According to them, tourists are highly urged to pay attention to details and “plan their visas, if possible, in accordance with the purpose of travel.” The fact is that tourists intend to take advantage of the location of the Greek Consulate, which is still considered one of the most favorable to Russian tourists for personal purposes – and more than 50% of visa applicants plan to visit other countries than Greece. However, consulates have mechanisms in place to identify the real purpose of travel – and deny such tourists a visa – ATOR stressed.

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