He opened a box full of ribs and potatoes and began to eat: a tourist is shocked by a fellow traveler on a plane

I opened a box full of ribs and potatoes and began to eat: a tourist is shocked by a fellow traveler on a plane

The olfactory receptors of tourists from one of the foreign flights received another shock. Smelling a strange and unpleasant smell in the cabin, it turned out that one of the passengers was eating french fries and ribs in sauce. Fellow travelers criticized his actions for the unbearable stench in the cabin.

As the traveler Lanna Tolland said in her TikTok account, she was sitting right in the same row with this hungry man. Why he made such a strange choice, the girl did not understand, but she remembered this nauseating smell for the rest of her life. The tourist managed to take a photo of her seatmate eating, posted online and captioned: “There is no chance that the guy next to me will eat a whole portion of ribs in this plane.”

Since then, her video has been viewed more than five million times, and many users have also been stunned by this tourist's food choices. So, one suggested sending the passenger “straight to jail”, and the other said that this was “disgusting behavior.” A third added: “There is a list of products that should be illegal to sell at the airport.”

However, as always, there were those who were impressed by the traveler's bold gastronomic act. “He is my new hero”, “Legend”, such comments were left by users.

Sometimes flight attendants publish on their pages on social networks a list of products that passengers should not take with them on the plane. For example, Shani Peralta, a flight attendant and member of the CWA-Flight Attendant Association, spoke about her top advice to passengers and what people should and should not take on a flight for a snack: ““Those who bring specific food on board, for example, egg salad or tuna sandwiches are in the minority.” At the same time, in her opinion, at this moment, passengers do not suspect that they have done something wrong.

In fact, most carriers will not even allow tourists to carry fruit in their luggage in case they the smell enters the cabin. For example, some of them officially added one of them to the list of prohibited items due to an unpleasant smell (read about this article at this link).

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