Here you are not there: a tourist described that Russia is better than Italy

Here you are not there: a tourist described that Russia is better than Italy

“Elementary concepts of comfort, which we are accustomed to in Russia, in Europe they may simply be absent or be a luxury, ”- with such an introduction, a tourist blogger began her answer to the question that it is better in Russia than in Italy on her channel “Here you are not there” in Yandex. Zen.

In particular, the tourist was surprised by the shops, pharmacies and even restaurants that close on schedule and very early, as well as the lack of the usual services and even coffee.

Here are the differences highlighted to her:

  • “Almost all grocery stores in Italy close at 8 o’clock. Not even at 10! And on holidays, many can afford not to work at all,” the blogger writes.
  • With pharmacies, according to her, it’s even worse – they close half an hour earlier than shops. At the same time, “her Italian friend” added that with medicines in Italy – as, by the way, in many European countries, it’s not easy at all and many cannot be obtained without a prescription. He even assured that the Italians often imported medicines from Turkey and even from Russia.
  • “Hungry? It is desirable that your desire to eat coincide with the Italian regime. Most tavern-type establishments close at 2:30 pm and reopen after 7,” writes the tourist. She goes on to recount her misadventures in the city of Bologna, where they tried to eat at two in the afternoon – and ended up having to make do with Italian fast food – piadina, a flatbread with fillings inside. As the tourist clarified, some establishments work in the tourist center, but leaving this territory will have to adapt.
  • “Such a convenient site as our public services, where you can sign up anywhere online, is also not here,” the tourist writes.
  • Surprisingly, coffee houses have become another thing. “In Italy, there are few establishments like ours, specializing in coffee. Italians drink coffee most often in small cups in pasticceria establishments, the main specialization of which is morning pastries. Coffee to go, coffee in large glasses or cups – all this is not about Italy. Starbucks didn’t “enter” Italy, and not even because of inflated prices,” the blogger assured, and then complained that she had to go to McDonald’s for her usual latte and cappuccino.

“Of course, these are all trifles, each country has its own characteristics, its own way of life, to which it is necessary to adapt and accept everything as it is. But, it seems to me, in terms of comfort, large Russian cities have not been much inferior to European ones for a long time, ”the blogger summed up.

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