Holidays in Turkey will be cut

Leisure in Turkey will be curtailed

The Turkish tourism industry is not without concern discussing Russian news: the rest of Russian tourists in Turkey will be cut, the Turkish newspaper Turizm Gunlugu writes, citing data from the Russian ATOR. According to the association, the increase in prices for tours to Turkey will lead to the fact that Russians will cut their vacation time in Turkey in the summer of 2023, and many will change their vacation plans in general. Recall that according to the forecasts of Russian tour operators, prices this summer will increase by an average of 30%, but in Turkey more frightening figures are also mentioned.

According to the ATOR study, the Turks add, no one has yet moved Turkey from the first place in the preferences of Russian tourists – we are talking about international destinations. Mostly Russian tourists choose hotels on the coast of the resort province of Antalya. But while tourists are in no hurry to buy tours for the summer season, which is “associated with the unstable geopolitical situation in the world.” At the same time, as the Turks add, Russian tour operators say that the cost of living has already increased by 20% and somewhere even by 50% (details from Russian experts can be found here).

As a result, the increase in prices for tours will reduce the time of rest of Russians in Turkey in order to compensate for this rise in price, Turkish experts explain. In general, Russian tourists in the 2023 season in Turkey will be seriously “slowed down” by problems with transport, expensive tickets and an increase in the price of tours, they add. is such that “wealthy tourists” are going to Turkey, ready to pay 300 thousand rubles for a week's vacation. Which, probably, price increases by 20% have a chance not to be noticed. As for the “low-income” tourist, yes, “the way to Turkey is gradually closing” for him.

The second circumstance is the expected increase in demand from European tourists. However, in conditions when it is already obvious that the energy crisis will not end, and the cost of flights will grow, and the “rich German tourists”, on whom the Turks rely so much, are not inclined to overspend.

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