Hotel burned down in Hurghada

Hotel burned down in Hurghada< /p> The fire at the hotel on the popular tourist promenade in Hurghada was miraculously extinguished without casualties and without consequences. According to local media, the fire broke out in one of the buildings of an unnamed hotel on the famous El Mamsha tourist promenade in the so-called new Hurghada in the south of the resort.

The place is very popular with tourists – and apparently, the authorities feared the consequences of this fire. As soon as the alarm was received by the Red Sea Operational Headquarters, firefighters, a security service and an ambulance service moved to the scene, and “more than one car.”

Fortunately, no amplification was needed: there were no casualties or injuries . The fire was extinguished. Law enforcement agencies are working on the spot, which deal with the cause of the fire.

Recall that in the Mediterranean resorts, in the meantime, hotels are being “attacked” by last year's problem – forest fires. Including the main competitor of Egypt – Turkey. So, recently in the town of Datca (Mugla province), a forest fire quickly spread to the town, residential buildings were damaged, and a hotel also burned down. Read the details here.

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