Hotels opened at the ski resorts of Turkey: everything is ready to receive Russian tourists

Hotels opened in ski resorts in Turkey: everything is ready to receive Russian tourists

Ski resorts in Turkey are ready for the start of the season – hotels are gradually opening, reservations from Russian tourists come. This was reported to the Turkish media by the management of the main “winter and sports” resorts in Turkey – such as Kayseri, Erciyes and Erzurum-Palandokene.

“Hotels have already begun work. The ski resorts of Kayseri Erciyes and Erzurum Palandöken are actively accepting bookings from Russia,” Turkish experts said. However, the “full” season will open in a couple of weeks, in December.

“As Palandoken, we are ready for the ski season. We will traditionally start the ski season in Turkey on December 8, like every year. Local and foreign tourists have already started booking ski hotels, including tourists from Russia. With natural snowfall, our slopes will be ready for skiing,” said Ömer Akca, manager of the Erzurum Palandoken hotel, for example.

“In the summer season, we have revised all our products, line by line, all the tools that used by skiers – chair lifts and gondolas. So we quickly completed preparations for the season. This year we expect good results,” said Murat Jahid Chingy from the Erciyes ski center.

New resorts, such as Yedikuyular, “presenting” a new track with a length of 1400 meters, as well as Denizli ski center in Bozdag. The resort is located at an altitude of 2,420 meters and has 9 pistes with a total length of 13 kilometers.

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