How Russians who left for Georgia suffer: a Russian spoke about the real situation

How Russians who left for Georgia suffer: a Russian spoke about the real situation

To tell about “how the Russians who left for Georgia suffer”, or rather, to dispel this myth, the travel blogger decided in his blog on Yandex.Zen. According to him, he was “agitated” to talk about the “real situation” by one of the Russian TV channels – which the blogger, of course, does not watch, but “accidentally went to YouTube of one of the central channels” and got on a story about the life of Russians in Georgia.< /p>

Let's give the floor to the blogger: “The correspondent excitedly told, using the example of a certain Oleg (or Sasha, I don’t remember his name), how badly Russians live in Georgia. They say that in Batumi he pays for housing 40 dollars a day, and even then not for an apartment, but for a room. Only his dog lives with him, and all his relatives remained in Russia. He suffers, the poor fellow, but he sits … Compassionate Georgians sometimes feed them according to the breadth of their souls, but in general the semi-mythical character has practically no money left. Any minute now he’ll go homeless to the Black Sea coast”…

For an example of the story “as it really is”, a blogger who has been living in Georgia for “almost three months”, that is, most likely from among those who fled in September, voices own experience and the experience of my friends from Batumi. About his experience, he voices the following: “I have not seen a single story of such Sashas and “compassionate Georgians”. I myself live in a small mountain village, which is also a ski resort (I like to ride a board). As for his friends, they “pay for an apartment on the top floor of a skyscraper with panoramic windows and sea views $ 400 a month.” “It turns out that the price of housing was only three times “waved” on TV,” the blogger assures. Also adding that they “feel safe and well.”

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