How the French spoiled the rest of Russian tourists in the UAE: compatriots are urged not to repeat such mistakes

How the French spoiled the rest of Russian tourists in the UAE: compatriots are urged not to repeat such mistakes

“To set off on a journey with your own company, without outsiders, and not repeat our mistakes,” Russian bloggers urged tourists, who spoke about their disappointment with an excursion to the desert in the UAE. Fellow travelers ruined their trip – French tourists who put their own wishes above the interests of everyone else in the group, actually spitting on the Russians.

According to them, “meeting the desert” was one of the goals of the vacation in the Emirates. “The price of $50 included jeep rides on the dunes, 2 hours to watch the sunset in the desert and a light dinner in one of the oases. There are four other people in the car besides us,” the tourists said. They expected it to be “an almost private tour, without crowds”, but the reality turned out to be more disappointing.

In the car with tourists there was also a married couple of Russians and “two guys from France”. “At first glance, everything was great: a polite driver who knows English well, a comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser Prado,” tourists say, but already at the first stop it turned out that the sightseers did not agree on their plans.

“We assumed that we would immediately go on a ride in the desert. But it turned out that at first tourists are brought to ride ATVs. An hour was allotted for this event. Everyone refused, except for the guys from France. The boys decided to drive on quadrics. Okay, we thought. Let's wait an hour. Let's drink coffee in a cafe nearby. But, these quad bike rides stretched for 2.5 hours. And only when we started to get nervous and told the driver that that's it – we had to go, he went to pull the guys out of the sector where they were driving. The French did not want to go any further,” the blogger said.

As a result, this delay “crumpled up” all plans. “The guide told us that we were late for dinner and would have to shorten the time for the jeep safari through the dunes and the desert. In the end, we only rode 20 minutes in the dunes and only 40 minutes in the desert. We didn’t really have time to take photos and feel the beauty of this place,” the tourist complained. At the same time, the guide categorically did not agree to be late for dinner, according to him, for this he risked a fine. As a result, instead of admiring the sunset, tourists received a “standard program similar to the Arabian night” and were very disappointed.

“My husband and I were very sorry that we did not take a completely individual excursion to the desert for only two people. They thought that 6 passengers in the car is not a crowd. If you also want to fully enjoy the beauty of the desert, book a car completely only for your company, so that there are no strangers in it. Let it be more expensive, but you will not have such a disappointment at the end, ”the blogger advised.

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