How to get from Russia to Georgia: information is given about the queues and the special interest of customs officers

How to get from Russia to Georgia: information about queues and special interest of customs officers

“Lafhacks” and the real experience of passing the Verkhny Lars ground checkpoint on the border of Russia and Georgia were revealed to tourists by their colleagues on their channel in Yandex.Zen. In particular, they answered one of the main questions before traveling to or through Georgia: how long will it take to go through all the procedures at the Russia-Georgia border? After all, often in previous years, at this automobile border crossing, we had to stand for a whole day … And we also shared other interesting details, including what is of particular interest to customs officers when crossing the border.

As the tourists said, the time of crossing the border by car even now periodically reaches 24 hours. However, these tourists themselves were more fortunate. They presented the first life hack as follows: “We had two options, go straight to the checkpoint or stay at a hotel, sleep, relax and go in the morning to get up in a traffic jam after stocking up on food and water. We chose the second option. Having a leisurely breakfast, we went to the store, bought Ossetian pies, water, fruit and went to the checkpoint,” the tourists said.

In general, they were lucky – although the traffic jam from trucks started 12 kilometers away, contrary to expectations, they stood only 900 meters before the entrance for inspection. “Forty minutes later we were already moving across neutral territory towards the Georgian checkpoint,” the bloggers explained.

Further, the experts warned that the “main trash” was waiting for passengers at the Georgian border. “The fact is that the Russian crossing allowed cars with a driver and a passenger to pass through one window, that is, the driver, along with passengers, drove up to the window and passed the border. At the Georgian border, all passengers stood in one huge queue, which was not regulated by anyone. Here, whoever is bolder, stronger, will pass faster, ”the bloggers described. As a result, “trying to maintain a human appearance”, they spent about 1.5 hours. The fact is that at the transition to the procedure for checking passports, despite the huge flow of people, only two people worked. “The car passed inspection, and the driver passed passport control in 30 minutes. It took us 2.5 hours to pass two checkpoints. We are very lucky. Moreover, the driver passed the border half an hour faster than the passengers,” the bloggers said.

They also talked about the way back. The “life hack” is the same – first rest, sleep, and then go to the border. Tourists were told that the situation had not changed – the queues lasted 10-12 hours, but they were “lucky again”. “At 9:00 in the morning we were already standing in a small queue in front of the Georgian checkpoint. Both the passengers and the driver, including the inspection of the car, passed in 15 minutes. And then we got into a hard traffic jam on neutral territory, which is 3.5 kilometers and two unkempt tunnels. The traffic jam from the checkpoint to the checkpoint took about 2.5 hours, and this was the main time it took to pass the borders,” the bloggers said.

Further, according to them, at the Russian checkpoint, passengers went through passport control in general queue, about 15 minutes. The driver spent a little more time with the inspection of the car. “The main thing they look at when inspecting a car from tourists at the intersection of the Russian border is the amount of alcohol they carry. From Georgia to Russia, you can bring 3 liters of alcoholic beverages per adult,” they warned. In Georgian, “they don’t look at anything at the entrance or in the opposite direction.”

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