How to pay with a MIR card and withdraw cash in Turkey: a Russian tourist revealed the tricks of how the Turks bypass sanctions

How to pay with MIR card and withdraw cash in Turkey: Russian the tourist revealed the tricks of how the Turks bypass the sanctions

Russian tourists in Turkey will have to stock up either with cash or patience. However, there are chances that the Turks will come up with a way to circumvent the sanctions. This is how Alexey, a tourist from Novosibirsk, commented to the Novosibirsk media, who is now resting in the resort of Alania with his wife and experienced the “charms” of the ban on MIR cards on himself.

According to him, tourists did not take “Turkish cash” with them. Meanwhile, the situation is as follows: “In small stores, tourists with Mir cards are now immediately shy away, in large supermarkets, contactless payment payments are not processed. Some ATMs can only withdraw 750 lire. People line up in long lines. There are ATMs where it is written that “we work with the Mir card”, but you can’t trust them. As soon as you try to withdraw money, the screen gives an error, an inscription appears – “The bank rejected the operation,” the tourist said. As a result, one has to act by the “poke method” (as recommended by the Russian embassy).

“You look for an ATM, then you stand and wait: you can withdraw only 750 lira ($40 or about 2,000 rubles) at a time. And the technique works oh, how slowly, ”the tourist added. He also said that in one cafe he talked about Mir cards: “They said that everything works, but there is a limit – you cannot pay with a card for an amount that exceeds 2,000 lira. Either you pay partly in cash, and partly by card. In order not to lose customers, the Turks are trying to circumvent sanctions and do their best,” said a Novosibirsk tourist.

To avoid problems with payments, Russian tourists who are planning a trip to Turkey are advised to take cash with them. At the same time, in Turkey it is possible to exchange even rubles – however, “not at the rate of the Central Bank.” By the way, in ATOR, in addition to the need to take cash, tourists were also advised to take cards from non-sanctioned banks on a trip to Turkey and book hotels with an all-inclusive system – so that “at least not die of hunger,” the Novosibirsk edition writes.

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