Hungarian airline provides 100,000 free tickets for one category of passengers

Hungarian airline provided 100,000 free tickets for one category of passengers

Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air is ready to distribute 100,000 free tickets for all flights from continental Europe and the UK . True, the carrier became generous only for the citizens of Ukraine. Details reported by Travel Weekly.

Free flights are offered for trips from September 15 to December 8 on Wizz Air Hungary and Wizz Air UK networks (UK). The offer covers more than 800 routes. First of all, the initiative was supposed to help Ukrainian refugees fly to the UK after the start of the NWO, and now helps Ukrainians travel around Europe. “Our goal is to alleviate the hardships of Ukrainian citizens,” Jozsef Varadi, the executive director of the air carrier, said of the mission.

To receive the benefit, travelers must provide their Ukrainian passport details at the time of booking. They will also be asked to present the original document and required visa/travel documents at the time of check-in.

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