Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will continue to charge a minimum fee from tourists

Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will continue to charge a minimum fee from tourists

The introduction of new minimum prices in hotels in Egypt was postponed for another six months, although these prices were to be increased by 25% from 1 May. However, the government decided to abandon this measure due to a drop in incoming tourist traffic – primarily from Russia.

The decision was made at the highest level – the Cabinet of Ministers of Egypt supported the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism of the country to postpone the introduction of a new minimum price for hotel accommodation. According to ATOR, it was planned that new minimum prices – 25% higher than the old ones – could be introduced from May 1, 2022, but now officially this will not happen before November 1.

According to the rules, 5* hotels will not be able to keep prices below $ 50 per day per person, 4 * hotels – below $ 40, 3 * hotels – below $ 30, 2 * hotels – below $ 20, 1 * hotels – below $ 10 per day in the calculation for 1 person per day.

Recall that the rule was introduced last November. According to him, Egypt has introduced a minimum fee for tourists staying in hotels. At that time, the minimum charge for accommodation services per person per night in five-star hotels was $40 and $28 in four-star hotels. This level remains to this day. Read the details here.

ATOR experts also noted that Egypt was actually prompted to this measure by the absence of Russian tourists – who are very much expected in the country. The tourism industry of the country calls on the Ministry of Tourism to take measures following the example of Turkey – which has allocated “target” blocks for “its” tour operators on the flights of the national carrier Turkish Airlines. Also in Turkey, it is advised to switch in settlements with Russian tour operators to payments in rubles or other currencies – the same yuan. They also propose to introduce the possibility of accepting Mir cards at the main resorts of Egypt.

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