Hurghada hotels in shock: a major tour operator sent out questionnaires with a terrible mandatory item

Hotels in Hurghada are in shock: a major tour operator sent out questionnaires with a terrible mandatory item

A major German tour operator sent questionnaires to Hurghada hotels last week about the service and services offered by Egyptian hotels. The main point was: “Does the hotel have rooms for gay M+M?” And this shocked the hotels of Egypt – a very conservative Muslim country. This new mandatory item was announced by a Russian woman in her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to a compatriot, the manager who received the questionnaire and had to fill it out, in shock, “ran to the general director, asking what to do: send it rudely, gently refuse, or simply tear the paper.” However, the Egyptian hoteliers, in pursuit of profit, have not yet transgressed the norms of morality and the rules of decency, therefore, it is not expected that a six-color flag will be hung near the hotel, and a large bed for two men will be placed in the room, as well as various discounts and gay parades in the near future. worth it.

“Here, a woman with an Egyptian will not be accommodated in the same room if this is not an official husband (for details, see the article “Playing with fire: Russian tourists were warned about an Egyptian prison if a number of intimate rules were violated”). On the beach, Egyptian women, covered from head to toe, in black niqabs swim, even men in T-shirts and knee-length shorts. And they want boys from Europe in thongs to coo nearby, ”the author was indignant.

And she added that they want to officially introduce crazy European standards into hotels in Egypt, so tour operators are “testing the soil”. “It would be nice if a couple of“ friends ”quietly settled in one room. So no, they need official confirmation that the hotel does not interfere with the free rest of free gay people. And this means that they can show their feelings in public, on the beach, by the pool, in a nightclub and beyond. The Germans have already gone crazy,” she added.

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