I fly to Thailand for 8,600 rubles: the stewardess spoke about the benefits of her work

I fly to Thailand for 8,600 rubles: the flight attendant reported the benefits of her job

Fly to Thailand for 8.6 thousand rubles – the incredible price of a ticket that a stewardess purchases to go on vacation in her free time. On the benefits for crew members, in particular, about huge discounts on flights, the British Airways flight attendant told The Sun.

As the flight attendant noted, each airline has an additional benefit for employees on top of the fact that she is literally paid for traveling around the world. So, many are interested in how much tickets for flights for staff cost. According to her, the discount, as a rule, always exceeds 50%. “I used to fly first class from London to Thailand for less than £100. This is a very attractive price,” she said.

However, the only drawback is that flight attendants can only take advantage of the offer if there are empty seats on the plane. “Fortunately, they almost always happen,” the interlocutor added. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next flight, which can last for hours. Another bonus is to “attach” relatives or friends to the benefit, i.e. they can get discounts too. The higher the position, the more people will benefit.

However, even outside the airliner, flight attendants receive excellent discounts. For example, in some hotels, because each airline enters into agreements with certain hotels for all destinations. “The price varies depending on the deal we make with each hotel, but I know of several four- and five-star hotels where we can pay as little as £30 (2.7 thousand rubles) per night,” she clarified.

In addition to the big benefits, there are a few smaller ones. For example, the staff is more than happy to take home unclaimed bottles of drinks or any untouched food from the flight. “In this way, our refrigerators are always full, and we do not have to spend personal funds,” the stewardess shared.

Russian flight attendants also benefit from working in aviation. So, earlier, one employee in a TikTok video said that she, like her colleagues, receives an additional benefit called ID90, which implies a 90 percent discount on flights operated by the carrier itself and its partners.

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