I know everything about the passengers: the stewardess revealed what information is available to her

I know everything about the passengers: the stewardess revealed what information is available to her

A stewardess serving tourists on board an aircraft knows a lot about each of them. Such amazing and at the same time frightening information was revealed by one of them on the Reddit social network.

It turns out that some airlines provide flight attendants with all sorts of passenger information stored on portable devices on every flight. Flight personnel have access to everything from medical details to drink preferences. Flight attendants read information from tablets that they use on board flights of their airline.

“We can see everything. Name, seat number, status, special service, special meals. However, we can also tweak the settings. For example, Mr. Smith in first grade wears XL pajamas and does not drink alcohol. So I know what size clothes and what drinks to offer him. We also have information from medical services. If you had any impairments, medical medications, or you had a refusal to drink alcohol on a previous flight, I will see it, ”the employee shared.

According to her, tourists should not be afraid of such awareness of flight attendants. “This is not to treat you differently, this is to let us know… if you get a migraine or drink too much alcohol, we can try to reduce the risk of another incident,” she added.< /p>

But that's not all. “We also have general notes about things: the passenger in seat 33C is a nervous tourist, 12K is traveling out of compassion, 1A is a doctor who previously offered help, 20E’s name is pronounced “Al-ker-weeks.” And the like,” said the stewardess.

However, such detailed information is not necessarily the norm, since other airlines mainly provide electronic devices for selling things to passengers, store operating manuals.

Here is a quote from another flight attendant on the subject: “I see your name, destination, connecting flight, pre-booked meals, elite status if you are traveling with a fellow traveller, any special service requests, have you had any problems with your flight or baggage for some time, and that's it. Nothing personal. In addition, I can make any of my transactions for the goods that I sell on board. This is left to the customer service and booking agents. What I see is much more specialized information about my duties and flight operations, communication with other personnel and much more. It prevents me from carrying around a 1,000-page manual.”

Because some flight attendants have so much personal information about their passengers on hand, it's understandable that frequent flyers may see this as a cause for concern. However, another flight attendant explained that privacy issues are taken very seriously: “Rest assured that air carriers and their flight attendants take privacy seriously and each of them is aware of the implications of using passenger information for any illegal use.”

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