“I left Russia. He left Aeroflot. The old life is over”: the deputy director of the largest Russian airline resigned

Aeroflot Deputy General Director for Strategy, Service and Marketing Andrey Panov resigned from the company and left Russia, Interfax reported, citing Panov's post Facebook, already blocked in Russia.

“We left Russia. He left Aeroflot. The old life is over,” he wrote in his post. He also changed his photo to a black square and closed his profile.

Panov was appointed Deputy CEO of Aeroflot in 2018. Prior to that, he worked for the international consulting company Bain & company. There he managed many projects with Russian banks, transport companies and non-profit organizations in the field of education. Before joining Bain, Panov was the editor of the financial department of the Vedomosti newspaper and the deputy chief editor of its website.

Panov is not the first high-ranking employee of a Russian airline to suddenly leave his post. Earlier it became known that Aeroflot CEO Mikhail Poluboyarinov resigned. Moreover, Aeroflot denied this to the last.

According to official data, he should go to the Russian Post and take the post of deputy head there. One of the likely candidates for his place at Aeroflot is the current CEO of Rossiya Airlines, Sergei Aleksandrovsky. Information about Poluboyarinov's departure from Aeroflot was confirmed by an Interfax source in the aviation industry.

Earlier, in March, Andrey Kalmykov, the general director of the Pobeda airline, left his post – the same one who was the infamous owner of the tour operator Sunrise Tour. Andrey Yurikov has been appointed acting low-cost airline since March 5 – he served as deputy general director for engineering and aviation support of the company.

On February 26, the EU imposed sanctions prohibiting the supply of civil aircraft and parts to Russia, as well as their maintenance and insurance. Under the sanctions, lessors are required to terminate existing contracts with carriers, while most of the Russian air fleet consists of foreign Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Victory fleet consists only of Boeing 737. Of the 187 Russian Aeroflot aircraft » There are only nine Superjet 100s. And at Rossiya Airlines, Superjet 100s make up just over half of the fleet: 67 out of 126 aircraft.

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