Immediately 13 Russian tour operators decided to stop their activities

Immediately 13 Russian tour operators decided to stop their activities

Compared to the previous orders of the Federal Tourism Agency – when several dozen tour operators “flew” from the register at once, the latter turned out to be quite humane – “only” 13 companies were deleted, of which 12 traditions due to financial guarantees and another one refused to work in the exit market. Meanwhile, the register of outbound tour operators continues to decline – at the moment there are 371 companies left in it. Although some experts generally doubt whether outbound tourism will survive under the current conditions.

The details are as follows: the Commodore company abandoned the field of activity “international outbound tourism”. As for those excluded for financial guarantees, their list is as follows:

  1. “Travel company Amur-tour Kazan”
  2. “Max”
  3. “Il Mio Tour “
  4. “Rostintour”
  5. “Eris”
  6. “Kadashevskaya Hotel”
  7. “Kalamit Tour”
  8. State Unitary Enterprise “BaikonurGrandService”
  9. “Inflot Worldwide Rus”
  10. “Altai Summit”
  11. “PIK Tourist Club”
  12. ” Premier Tour”

Recall that in the current situation, experts have already expressed reasonable doubt about the fate of Russian outbound tourism in general. “The country's tourism industry will be completely reformatted,” Irina Tyurina, press secretary of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry (PCT), presented this assessment of the situation. We are talking about the state of tourism, if the sanctions imposed against Russia remain for a long time. The question is – “Will tourism live?” she assured. Read more here.

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