In Antalya it becomes like in Hurghada: the record for the last 92 years is broken

Antalya becomes like Hurghada: the record for the last 92 years is broken

December for the last 92 years. Thus, in Antalya the temperature became almost the same as in the Egyptian Hurghada. Such data was published by the Regional Department of Meteorology No. 4 in Antalya.

The average maximum temperature in December in 1960 was +18.8°C, and in 1930, i.e. since the start of measurements, – +19.1°C. Temperatures have risen across the country due to a heat wave that hit last December. Abnormally warm weather also lasts for a month in the tourist city of Antalya. The average temperature there is 1.7 degrees above the season norm and by this time has reached +13.7°C. The highest temperature measured in December in the resort town reached +22.2°C, and the lowest – +4.2°C.

“In December, clear and partly cloudy weather prevailed. Precipitation was at the level of the seasonal norm, but in places we also observed very heavy rains, especially in the western districts. In general, it was a hot and partly cloudy month. Looking through the archived information of the General Directorate of Meteorology of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change, we see that December was 2 degrees above the norm for the season. Our average December temperature was +13.7°C,” Mehmet Latif Gultekin, director of the Regional Meteorology Department No. 4 in Antalya, told local media.

According to him, the new record of Antalya, which was marked last December, is +16.7°C. “This suggests that the maximum temperature remains 2.4 degrees higher than for many years. December has a minimum average temperature of +9.7°C, and for many years – +7.7°C … If we look at December of past years, the average maximum temperature was last measured in 1960 at +18.8°C. This year it also surpassed this value and broke the record for the maximum average temperature for December – +19.1,” he added.

In addition, the first week of January passed without precipitation. It is clear and warm in the province, because the thermometer stays above the seasonal norm. In the second week, the approach of a new rainy system is already noticeable. “Our country is located in the middle zone of latitudes. We are in the collision zone of both southern and northern weather systems. In December, our region came under the influence of a center of high pressure. This center of pressure also portends days with little cloudiness and no precipitation,” the Turkish forecaster concluded.

For comparison: December Hurghada in Egypt is characterized by cold winds and stable average temperatures. So, in Hurghada and the resorts of the western coast of the Red Sea, as a rule, the air warms up to +21°C. At the same time, in the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab, it is much warmer – the daytime temperature is about + 24 ° C.

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