In Antalya, life stopped: a hurricane hit the resort, knocking down a tree on tourists

Life stopped in Antalya: a hurricane hit the resort, felling a tree on tourists

Torrential rain and stormy wind actually stopped life at the main resort Turkey – in Antalya, Turkish media write. The main blow of the elements hit the resort on Thursday morning – the wind speed exceeded 60 km/h, and the waves on the sea rose to 6 meters. Due to the impact of the elements, several emergencies occurred, including a tree fell on a minibus and a taxi with tourists.

According to the Turkish media, referring to the data of the Main Main Directorate of Meteorology, heavy rain that began in the morning hours in the tourist the city of Antalya, “from time to time made life freeze.” Storm wind up to 60 km/h raised waves up to 6 meters on the sea. On the streets of the city, in some places, roads “turned into a lake” due to rain.

In the city center, Ismail Bah Suralsan Street in the Meltem district of Muratpasha district, a large tree fell on a taxi with tourists waiting at a traffic light and a minibus. No one was hurt in the cars, but both cars suffered material damage, the cars were eventually “liberated” by the fire departments, sawing the tree. “There were tourists inside, we barely escaped,” the taxi driver complained.

The tree was not the only one – it is reported that trees and lighting poles have been knocked down in many areas of the resort. In other settlements of Turkey, there are also heavy rains, in some places there are flooding. A storm warning has been issued in 11 regions of the country.

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