In Antalya, tourists from one country began to push the Russians

In Antalya, tourists from one country began to push the Russians

A new “decisive market” has appeared in Antalya, which local hotels rely on. Tourists from one country began to push the Russians. Of course, we are talking about Germany, the “competition” with which Russian tourists were also last year. According to Turizmgunlugu, it is through German tourists that Antalya expects to reach its goal of 16 million tourists per season.

“Although the inflationary environment, especially in Europe, and rising prices due to high costs in the country are putting pressure on tourism, growth expectations for the summer season remain. This summer season, the greatest demand for Turkey's coastal areas comes from German tourists. The Germans will also be a decisive market during the tourist season,” Turkish experts on the German market assure.

According to the CEO of Bentour Germany, Songul Göktash Rosati, Turkey has “no alternative” for the Germans. As a result, the company plans to attract more German tourists to Turkey. “We expect growth of 30%, 20% in the worst case. January began with a huge increase in orders. Subsequently, the earthquake and the electoral process in Turkey slowed it down. But Turkey has no alternative, we always say this,” the expert assured.

At the same time, active competition between Russian and German tourists is most likely expected in June. According to Riza Percin, the chairman of the Mediterranean Regional Office of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), this month they expect a recovery in the number of Russian tourists who were previously in first place in the region. “We see that the Russians, who were the locomotive in this region , were replaced by the Germans. But in June there may be more face-to-face competition between these two markets. And England will be in third place, ”the expert believes.

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