In Egypt, outraged by the British prices for holidays in Hurghada

Egypt indignant at British prices for vacations in Hurghada

In the UK, they began to offer frankly dumping prices for vacations in Egypt, which extremely outraged Egyptian tourism experts. According to them, this measure “greatly harms” Egyptian tourism.

It was about British campaigns, during which a week-long vacation in Hurghada was offered to tourists at a price of only 299 pounds, which is about 21 thousand rubles. According to tourism expert Mostafa al-Najjar, “it is extremely sad and unsafe that tourists are offered to spend a week in Hurghada at such a dumping price.”

“Tourists are being urged to come to Egypt on charter flights and they offer you the cheapest plane ticket, which greatly harms Egyptian tourism. The reason for these trips is the boom in tourism development, as a result, many began to penetrate this sector in order to reduce prices and dumping, which is currently one of the most dangerous phenomena in Egyptian tourism,” the expert said.

According to him, a significant part of the local business does not know how to fight for the tourist in another way, except for price reduction, which is not achieved for free. “But competition should be not only due to lower prices, but also due to quality and additional benefits,” the expert added.

At the same time, we note that such proposals have not been observed in Russia for a long time. Moreover, recently one of the travel bloggers was publicly indignant that the price offers from Russian tour operators for package holidays in the country of the pyramids are very frightening. So, the cost of a standard tour lasting 7-14 nights with a departure from any Russian city will be at least 120,000 per tour, the blogger noted and added that tour operators are in no hurry to reduce prices. At the same time, the blogger also talks about this fact: “Even “Fortuna” (when booking a trip, the tourist does not know until the very end which hotel he will be accommodated in) in an Egyptian “three-ruble note” costs from 110,000 rubles. And “Fortune” in Egyptian “three rubles” is a tin, for sure the hotel there will be the most “sucks” there. If you can still somehow take a chance with the “fives”, then with the “threes” in Egypt – definitely not.” Read the details at this link.

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