In Egypt sound the alarm: the country may be left without a favorite drink, riots are ripening

Egypt is sounding the alarm: the country may be left without a favorite drink, riots are ripening

Tea lovers in Egypt, and these are almost all local residents, are sounding the alarm, because soon this most popular product in the land of the pyramids may end. The reason is not at all in the rejection of tea and the change in the gastronomic preferences of the whole nation, but the introduction of currency restrictions in the country. As the Russian woman explained in her Yandex.Zen channel, the authorities are trying to prevent the outflow of currency from the country and therefore limited foreign exchange transactions, including the purchase and sale of tea.

“If the government does not do anything in the near future , may see “tea riots” in response – there are only a month of supplies left. The fact is that such a popular tea does not grow in Egypt – it is bought abroad. Last year, Egypt bought tea, coffee and spices worth more than $530 million. But you need currency to buy it, but they don’t give you currency,” the compatriot said.

The Russian woman said that the most famous brand of tea in Egypt is Arosa. Egyptian tea is distinguished by fine grinding, almost “tea dust”. “Not everyone likes it, but there are lovers who cannot imagine life without it. Sometimes Egyptians living in Russia even order the delivery of Egyptian tea,” she added.

If the authorities do not change their requirements, the largest tea distributor will have to suspend all operations as early as next month, the author warned and said that, for its part, the company had already made a request to the government for dollars to buy tea on the world market.

“For terrible is the anger of the Egyptian, who was deprived of his beloved Arosa,” the Russian woman noted. Understanding the intensity of popular indignation, the country's finance minister has already promised to give “indulgences” to some importers, so it may not come to riots. As for bread and other products, the blogger said that there is no shortage in the country, although until recently there were “great concerns about bread because of the situation in Ukraine”: grain is imported in the country of the pyramids.

“It turns out , Egypt even got Ukrainian grain, which, not without difficulty, managed to be taken out of the country. With him, apparently, they “cheated” to the fullest – they promised to distribute the grain to “starving poor countries”, and as a result, the grain went mainly to America and Europe. But Egypt was lucky: something got lost,” a compatriot commented on the situation.

The author also voiced good news for Russian tourists. In Egypt, the Mir payment system may be launched as early as September 2022, which will not only facilitate currency exchange for travelers, but also allow the republic to buy some products for rubles. For example, wheat.

At the same time, the locals willingly sell their Egyptian pounds and stock up on dollars. According to the Russian woman, the dollar breaks through the ceiling. “With the official exchange rate around 19.2 pounds, the dollar is quietly sold at 20.5, I even saw offers for 21. A real “black market” of the currency has appeared. For the same reason, it is now very difficult to buy dollars for rubles in Sharm el-Sheikh. That is, again, it is possible – but at a very high rate. For tourists – about 72, for residents – around 70 … But the pounds are freely sold at the “Google rate”, which was not even close 2-3 months ago. People get rid of pounds, but save dollars,” she concluded.

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