In Egypt, they told how the Russian MIR card will work at the resorts

Egypt told how the Russian MIR card will work in resorts

“Linking the Russian payment system to the Egyptian card is an advantage aimed at facilitating Russian tourists ”, – said the head of the House of Representatives of El-Feki on Egyptian television. According to him, the Russian Mir card will be tied to the Egyptian Meeza network.

“Payments are transferred from the Russian card to the advantage card, and the Central Bank makes settlements in Egyptian pounds against the ruble, and the Central Bank will be the intermediary there “, – he said. At the same time, the Egyptian expert literally stated that “transactions between Egypt and Russia will be carried out in rubles for the first time.” However, the Egyptian expert assured that this “is not a violation of the sanctions imposed on Russia.”

“This step is a kind of intelligence, as it makes life easier for Russian tourists. We also do not forget that the Mir card is already working in Turkey and a number of other countries, so that Egypt can join the program,” the expert added.

Recall that in general, Egypt and the Russian ruble negotiations are underway, the outcome of which will be obvious by early September. Read more at this link.

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