In Europe, mass cancellations of tours began: the reason is named

Massive cancellations of tours have begun in Europe: the reason has been named

The collapse at airports that has covered all of Europe, as well as problems with staff at resorts and hotels, are starting to scare tourists away from summer holidays. In the European travel media, there are reports from travel agents who have begun to record the cancellation of summer tours and even their transfers to the autumn-winter period. The main reason is that tourists are extremely afraid of difficulties, huge queues and flight cancellations.

Thus, Stephanie Slark, director of The Travel Network Group, noted that the two main problems in the travel industry right now are flight cancellations and long queues at airports. “Many travelers are worried about whether they will be able to go on vacation this summer and are changing their holiday to avoid disruptions,” Slark explained.

She was supported by Gary Gillespie, managing director of Independent Travel Experts, who noted that tourists began to change their holiday dates: “Over the past few weeks there has been a noticeable shift in bookings for the winter dates of 2022 and 2023. Also, many tourists are switching from holidays abroad to domestic tourism for short distances at a more affordable price. Tourists are definitely worried and nervous.”

Let us remind you that “on the ground” the problem with the shortage of personnel does not go anywhere – the Croatian tourism sector alone needs more than 10 thousand workers, which have to be imported from different countries, up to Philippines. The problem with staff is also fixed in France, Spain, Greece and other resort countries. Read the details at the link.

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