In Europe, the first country appeared that went against all odds

The first country that went against everyone appeared in Europe

Coronavirus restrictions for tourists are planned to be extended in Italy, in fact, going against the global trend to cancel the pandemic. So, even in the US, Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to the White House, declared the pandemic phase of Covid-19 in America over. But in Italy, they decided to keep tourists and their citizens in good shape: at least the mask regime in the Apennines in public transport and in some enclosed spaces – for example, in theaters and museums – will continue to operate right up to June 15. This official statement was made by Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

“We have decided to maintain for some time, at least until June 15, the element of caution that I consider necessary,” the minister said at an event organized by the union doctors. Masks will continue to be required to enter cinemas, theaters, indoor events, and all healthcare facilities, including pharmacies, he said. Moreover, tourists were warned that the government intends to “be careful when lifting the remaining measures.”

So far, the government has announced that the “vaccine qualification” will be lifted from May 1: for access to most tourist attractions, such as like museums, restaurants and public transport, a health certificate proving vaccination or a recent recovery from coronavirus will no longer be required. However, the mask regime will still be preserved in Italy.

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