In Germany, tourists are ready to get infected

Tourists in Germany ready to get infected

Coronavirus hysteria, which paralyzed tourism for two years, is leaving the agenda. Even in law-abiding Germany, about a quarter of potential tourists are no longer afraid of this infection. What’s more, 25% of tourists said they wouldn’t hesitate to travel even if they knew they had the coronavirus. Moreover, this figure is significantly higher among young people.

This result was shown by a survey of local travel portals Urlaubsguru and YouGov. More than 2,000 German tourists took part in the survey, and they clearly demonstrated that they are already tired of fearing a pandemic in Germany.

Thus, 25% of respondents declared their readiness to travel under certain conditions, even if they catch the virus. At the same time, 69% would definitely refuse the trip if they caught the coronavirus, another 6% do not yet have an opinion.

At the same time, experts noted a clear age gradation – the younger the potential tourist, the more he is ready to take risks. Among students, the share of those who chose the answer “would still go, even if I have coronavirus” was 57%, “young professionals” from 18 to 34 years old chose this option in 43% of cases, but older people — only 24%.

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