In Hurghada, weather forecasters extended the summer: the date is named until which it will be hot and sunny

Forecasters have extended summer in Hurghada: the date until which it will be hot and sunny has been named

Summer weather – with a cloudless sky, bright sun, and a temperature of +24-27 degrees will stay in Hurghada and other Egyptian resorts until at least December. Such data are reported by local weather forecasters.

In the coming days – that is, on the November holidays and school holidays – in Hurghada +27 degrees, and the water in the Red Sea is also warmed up to the same temperature. At night about +20. The sun remains active, but without “extreme”, the level of UV radiation is about 6, sunbathing is pleasant and comfortable, but it is better not to forget about sunscreen.

According to preliminary forecasts, no surprises are expected during the month. The temperature will not drop below +24 degrees, cloudy days are practically not promised: you can sunbathe and swim all day.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, the situation is approximately the same – at the moment +28, next week +26- 27, clear skies. The water temperature in the sea is the same +27. They don’t promise below +25 until December.

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