In Pattaya, a tourist was beaten with a metal chair for refusing to pay for food

In Pattaya, a tourist was beaten with a metal chair for refusing to pay for food

”, – this is how the local media commented on the mass brawl that broke out on the famous Pattaya Walking Street in the Nong Pru sub-district, Bang Lamung district. During the fight, a “European tourist”, possibly a Russian, was beaten with a metal chair. The reason, as explained in the media, was the refusal of the tourist to pay for the food eaten.

According to witnesses, the scandal began around 4:30 am. A “European tourist”, whose name and nationality are unknown, ordered food from a Thai saleswoman's “macashnitsa” (mobile kiosk), ate it and tried to leave without paying. However, the saleswoman raised a scandal, to which her colleagues quickly reacted – one of the Thais, a tall man “caught up and kicked” the foreigner, he did not remain in debt. As a result, the tourist tried to escape, but he was already surrounded by a “gang” of merchants, during which one of the participants in the fight was knocked to the ground, and the other grabbed a metal chair and began to beat the European with it. He did not remain in debt and began to fight back with a similar “weapon”.

As a result, local witnesses from the walkers pulled the fight. The case did not seem to reach the point of calling the police. However, the scandal hit the pages of newspapers, in which local residents complained about the image damage from such incidents. “We are losing our reputation as a world-class travel destination,” they added.

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