In Russia, a ceiling in a premium hotel collapsed at a popular resort

In Russia, a ceiling in a premium hotel collapsed at a popular resort in Russia

Heavy rains that covered Greater Sochi and the surrounding resorts did not go away without consequences. At the Rosa Khutor resort in the Green Flow hotel, the ceiling of the main entrance collapsed.

The Izvestia newspaper shows the video of the incident. According to eyewitnesses, the ceiling collapsed in a matter of seconds. At the same time, no one was hurt.

According to experts, the collapse was probably expected – at least, the danger zone was fenced off from the passage with cones.

One of the stated reasons is burst showers that passed in Sochi. Official information from the hotel has not yet been received.

By the way, about 30 houses were damaged by bad weather in Sochi itself. From the streets, at the time of Monday morning, almost 170 cubic meters of soil brought by water flows were taken out. Also, 90 cars had to be evacuated, many were significantly damaged. On Sunday, the resort was hit by volley showers with a capacity of 76 millimeters per hour. The rains flooded 16 city streets, sections of federal highways, caused a number of accidents, a retaining wall collapsed on Tsyurupy Street under the influence of a landslide.

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