In Russia, prices for holidays in Turkey have doubled, but the shortage of tours has not disappeared, and even vice versa

In Russia, prices for holidays in Turkey have doubled, but the shortage of tours has not disappeared, and even vice versa

The average price of a tour to Turkey has actually doubled compared to last year, but this does not stop Russian tourists. Tours are still in short supply. The main reason for both the high prices and the lack of seats is the same – the lack of transportation. This assessment was voiced by ATOR experts.

According to their data, the average ticket for a tour to Turkey increased by 95-98% over the year. Such statistics on sold tours for July-August statistics for 2021 and 2022, ATOR presented “two large federal tour operators.” In numbers, it looks like this – last year, the average check for a tour in July-August for two adults and a child was 1731 euros and 1920 euros. In 2022, the average check in the same period is already 3367 and 3800 euros. As a result, the increase was 94.6 – 98%.

Other market experts note that the growth is lower, but nevertheless, it is also there: “In the second half of July, a week-long tour to Antalya resorts will cost a family with 1 child a minimum of 161 thousand rubles. at all – this is about 25% higher than in the same period of 2021, ”says another tour operator specializing in Turkey.

At the same time, as all experts emphasize, the prices of tourists do not stop – those who wish buy tours and at such prices is still a lot. There is still a shortage of seats on flights to Turkey for the coming dates.

According to experts, the reason for the shortage of places and the reason for high prices are the same – the situation with air transportation. “The cost of transportation has increased, and the small number of flights compared to last year also affects,” experts said.

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