In Sharm el-Sheikh, a creepy coral fish with human teeth attacked a tourist, biting off a piece of his leg

In Sharm el-Sheikh, a creepy coral fish with human teeth attacked a tourist, biting off a piece of his leg

A creepy fish with an impressive set of human teeth attacked a 31-year-old tourist off the coast of the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. The terrifying specimen seized its right leg in a death grip and pulled out a piece of skin. The incident was reported by the Daily Star.

American diver Alex Pikul, who enjoyed a scenic dive near the coast of the popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, looking at corals, was out of luck: during a group underwater trip, he, like the rest, was forced to change course due to strong currents. However, the new route promised him trouble: a 31-year-old tourist met an angry fish armed with sharp protruding teeth similar to human ones. The individual had a striped color, large eyes and a large mouth with several rows of teeth. Without thinking twice, the marine inhabitant attacked the traveler: the teeth of the mysterious creature clung to the right calf muscle. As the diver later said, then he experienced terrible pain.

A frightening marine specimen with a human grin in the Red Sea was not an alien at all, not a mutant and not a victim of poor ecology, but a Cape Cod carp. Its other names are convict fish, sheepdog, sheep-headed fish. This is a rare marine fish with a length of 30 to 75 cm.

In the course of further proceedings, it turned out that the crucian carp had reasons to attack the diver. A group of tourists swam next to the eggs, and the injured diver was in the immediate vicinity of the “nest”. The male, apparently fearing that his offspring is in danger, was not afraid to attack a person and even pursue him for some time.

“I thought I was safe because the crucian had swum away, so I turned around and swam after the rest of the group, but suddenly it appeared and bit my leg. I felt a lot of pain and thought that he had probably pulled out the skin, and I was bleeding. If you were with me underwater, you would hear the curses that I shouted out, ”he said.

Despite the strong current and injured leg, the “difficult” dive turned out to be memorable for the American, and he “does not hold a grudge against a grumpy fish for simply protecting its caviar.” “I had only seen Cape Cod carp before in videos, but when I spotted him in the water, I thought I was lucky because I was able to see up close what his teeth looked like. Only a mother can love this face – a stupid, ugly fish with human teeth. They look too big for his mouth, like he has dentures or something. After the bite, there was a bruise and a scar in the shape of his teeth until the end of the trip, which was quite funny, ”the tourist concluded.

Help: Sheephead fish, or Cape Cod carp, is deep-sea, laterally compressed marine fish with sharp dorsal spines. The fish has a large mouth and human-like teeth, which it uses to chew on oysters, echinoderms, and crustaceans. This species is known to have a bad temper, especially when guarding its offspring, and has been known to attack and bite those who pose a potential threat.

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