In Thailand, a Russian was electrocuted when he leaned against a lamppost

In Thailand, a Russian was electrocuted when he leaned against a lamppost

A young Russian tourist in the Thai resort of Pattaya became the victim of a ridiculous accident. He was electrocuted when he leaned against a lamppost. The reason has already been found out – a safety violation that led to the tragedy. Local authorities fear “image damage” in connection with the tragedy.

According to the Thai media, Russian tourist Alexei S. was 19 years old, he was a frequent guest of the resort and even joined the local Pattaya Basketball Club. It was during the club's training session on the court near a school in Pattaya that the incident occurred when a tourist leaned against a lamppost.

Deputy Mayor of Pattaya Manote Nongyai after the tragedy ordered to temporarily close all basketball courts in front of the Pattaya Technical College for security checks. According to a preliminary inspection of the sites, the cause of the tragedy was a violation of safety regulations: at the base of the pole, the electrical wiring peeled off and was exposed.

The deputy mayor also promised “proper compensation and assistance” to the family of the deceased tourist. He also stated that “this death has dealt a blow to the image of Pattaya as a tourist destination.”

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